Coaching Cocktails

* for agile change agents *


The Next Round

Discover our Open Space Leadership Workshop, and learn the practice of holding open space with Steve Holyer! Signup now for groups lifting off  in October 2019!

We are getting back to regular personal retrospectives in September 2019 which is just around the corner! We love holding space for Retrospective Cocktails, and we heard you say that love them too!



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The Next Round


Agile Cocktails

For everyone who cares about the quality of the Agile movement, and the outcomes it produces.

Let's do Agile like we mean it. All are welcome! read more...

Retrospective Cocktails!

Light-hearted and effective personal retrospectives - now quarterly, and for multiple time zones! This thought-provoking session helps you look back, to be even more joyful and effective going forward.
read more and RSVP...


Custom MasterMind groups

Build amazing synergy with small group meetings, committed to helping reach your biggest goals.

Bring for your idea, your team or community of practice - we'll help you design just the right format. Read more ....

Open Space Workshops

You love unconferences - and you're ready to do one yourself!

This combination of self-study and in-person or online workshop gives you the basics while also exploring the hidden "secret ingredients" that make OS really rock. Details and dates ...

Coaching Skills Dojo

Our Coaching Skills workshops have been popular with businesses and conferences ... and now we'll bring this workshop to you online, too!


About Coaching Cocktails

get your remote cocktail lounge ready

Coaching Cocktails are live online meetups for change agents, designed to foster skill, confidence and community among change-agents, focused on the important work of making our workplaces more meaningful and joyful.

Deborah Hartmann Preuss and Steve Holyer host and facilitate Coaching Cocktails - 100 minutes of online conversation, powered by "whoever comes is the right people," - and Workshops.  Events are crafted with care to support engagement, collaboration and and relationship-building. Read more...


Deborah Hartmann Preuss, CPCC

Deb is driven by a passion to change the world by increasing joy at work. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. Deb encourages and challenges change agents with personalised, one-on-one phone coaching.

Steve Holyer, CSM, CSPO

Steve creates safe spaces for discovery and creation. He's an Agile Product Owner Coach and facilitator helping product owners and teams master the agile skills they need to produce real value.