How refreshing are your New Year's Resolutions? Join us for a refreshing Retrospective Cocktail in February.

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Steve Holyer

Personal Retrospective Cocktails

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Are you feeling energized by all the January resolutions? I guess they're fun, but they leave me feeling ... overwhelmed. Resolutions don't work for me!

This year, I found something new that really did work for me. I changed my perspective on the past year, and then I easily made a proactive plan for 2023—a plan that excites me because of what I will do. I used the Year Compass workbook for personal reflection. (Thanks for telling me about it and for showing me where to download it Cosima Laube, PCC). The Year Compass is a simple, nonjudgmental, and powerful self-guided reflection to close out the past year with acceptance and clarity before guiding you to make a plan for making things happen in the new year.

I spent close to two hours working through the Year Compass on New Year's Eve. The experience put a smile on my face, and it left me with a sense of anticipation for 2023. I also passed the tool on to some other friends, who used it and had a good experience too. If you haven't seen the Year Compass yet, I'm very glad to be the one passing it on to you. You can find the self-guided brochure at yearcompass . com ( download and print it or use it electronically.

Some people would like support and guidance while working through the personal reflection of the Year Compass. You can do the compass completely on your own at any time, but I'm also inviting you to join me and a small group of other professionals on Zoom for a live, interactive virtual coaching cocktail meetup. I'll hold space for you to use the Year Compass with the group. This happens on January 26, 2023 (6pm-8pm CET/Zurich, 12noon-1pm EST/NYC, 9am-11am/LA).

You'll work individually for your personal reflection, and I'll invite you to share the experience with other professionals who are reflecting and making things happen in the new year.

Will you join us? Leave a comment below, or send me a message so I can send you more information. Or, keep watching this space for more details.

Whatever happens, is the only thing that could. Let's make things happen.

Steve built the WOW-Matrix, for holding space With Out Walls, to make sense of his experiences online since 2013.

In this meetup you will:

  • Use the WOW-Matrix to make sense of your remote events and experiences.
  • Understand how new principles for meeting online can create new impact for your event.
  • Explore strategies for inviting engagement in online meetings based on the impact you want to create.

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“Love your work, Steve. The more I engage, the more I discover the value you have to offer to this world. So looking forward to the fun and learning.”

Deepti Jain, Community Development Chief India, Agile Alliance