7 Simple Rules for Your Remote Sessions


25th August 2021 by Steve Holyer

For Trainers, Coaches, Facilitators, Leaders, and other guides: Here are 7 tips, which we've turned into Simple Rules, to help you setup engaging high bandwidth, high interaction remote experiences. Revised from our article Remote Now.

Breathe and Dance.

Work actively for diversity and mobility.

Decide where to build your experience based on bandwidth and signal.

Use tools that works & stays out of the way.

Old favourite activities may not spark joy online. If they don't spark joy online, thank them for their service to you, and let them go.

Hold the space you’re in.

Put the people first. Then interactions, processes, and tools. In that order.

These tips are based on our story of creating high bandwidth, high interactivity remote events here on CoachingCocktails.com.

You can read our story, and learn more about these tips in our white paper Remote Now.

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