Full Invitation: Abundance in Chaos

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Josef Dabernig (@dasjo)

This is your full invitation to a world-wide, large-scale, distributed Open Space Circle online Sunday, 29 March.

Abundance in Chaos

Full Invitation

One Big Question: What happens now?

We are change-makers.

We're people who care about transformation—sometimes at very large scales, and sometimes at very small.

We've worked in such Abundance around the world. Abundant viewpoints. Abundant talent. Abundant experience. Abundant skills. Abundant Agile practices. Abundant backgrounds. Abundant lives.

What happens to abundance in chaose?

We find ourselves at this specific moment of time, and we find that it's completely different from what most of us imagined it would be just 2 weeks ago.

We're confronting extreme uncertainty. What does that mean for us and our transformation work. Both and very large scales, and very small. What does that mean for us the people around us?

In this moment of chaos we're also confronted with literal scarcity in ways that most of use in our privilege aren't usually confronted.

This is an invitation to pause and breathe. Deeply.

Followed by an invitation to get to work building our own shared future for this moment right the f* now. Which of our tools, experiences, and ideas serve us well in this moment. What completely new spark is ready to ignite?

You're invited to dream together of abundance in this exact moment of chaos. You're invited to dream actively of concrete actions.

On Sunday 29 March, we'll come together to consider these questions in an open space circle.

Whoever comes is the right people. Whatever happens is the only thing that could.

For agile change-makers, what happens next? Next week, what will we be? What will we do?

We will create our own agenda in the moment.  Bring your most urgent questions and your most urgent topics about rsponding in this current moment.

Want to know more? Read our Call for Questions and Themes.

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About the Open Space: Abundance in Chaos

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(Sunday, 29 March, 2020)

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Call for Questions and Themes

For change-makers, coaches, leaders, teachers, facilitators and other agents of change, this open space asks: What happens now?

(Sunday, 29 March, 2020)

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