Call for Questions and Themes

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Josef Dabernig (@dasjo)

For change-makers, coaches, leaders, teachers, facilitators and other agents of change: What happens now?

Abundance in Chaos

Call for Questions and Themes

Open Space is "nature's way" to transform complexity and chaos. It's fit for urgent challenges with many competing ideas and no clear solutions.

Topic Ideas

You're invited to come “as you are” to this open space meetup. Come feeling any way you feel. But come prepared to be surprised.

You're invited to bring your burning questions and topics related to our theme “Abundance in Chaos.” And our question, “What happens next?”

When we are gathered in our virtual will add your most important questions and topics to the agenda. Here are some suggestions of questions and topics. (These are intended to open up possibilities not intended to constrain them in any way):

  • You're invited to ask questions about using technical practices, management practices, scrum practices, and transformational practices in this moment.
  • You're invited to develop new practices for this moment.
  • You're invited to create topics that find action in:
    • your needs,
    • your team's needs,
    • your work's needs,
    • your community's needs,
    • and needs beyond your community.
  • Share practical tips and create new experiments for remote facilitation and coaching.
  • You're invited to bring a tricky problem, and develop potential actions.
  • You're invited to respond actively to racism, socio-economic privilege and radical inclusion.
  • You're invited to propose topics about self-care and caring for yourself.
  • What will create organic tansformation and Abundance in your work?
  • You're invited to simply breathe. And be.

Follow your passion, and ask your question or propose your topic to the group. This is a moment where we are focused on working organically for surprising answers.

(Your facilitator,Steve Holyer, will explain open space in more detail during our opening circle.)

Open Space is an inviting alternative to the usual meeting format, especially when levels of complexity, diversity, conflict, and urgency are high and rising! (paraphrased from

If that's not a description of this moment, I don't know what is.

"Open Space is for urgent questions when the time for decisions and action was yesterday." (

That is why I'm inviting you to breathe deep and bring your urgent questions. We'll harness the natural power of creativity to  work for suprising powerful answers in this moment.

What happens now?

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