About the Open Space: Abundance in Chaos

photo Josef Dabernig (@dasjo)
we think—if we're wrong please tell us
Josef Dabernig (@dasjo)

We won't soon forget the disruption that we faced beginning in March 2020. Our response to the edge of chaos?

We opened space.

This was our first experimental virtual Open Space circle. Today we embrace the benefits of virtual distributed Open Space. I think we will always hold virtual Open Spaces, and we also long for the options to return to an in-situ circle.

Learn more about our Open Space Leadership Training. Explore this historical page announcing our first online Open Space, read our articles on Open Space, or ask us about your virtual event.

Where ever it happens is the only place that it could.

You're invited to a world-wide, large-scale, distributed Open Space Circle online Sunday, 29 March.

Abundance in Chaos

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Please note: Our location enters Daylight Savings time on Saturday night. To avoid disappointment, please open the details of each event and verify the times shown with a time conversion tool.

What Happens Now?

This open space is for agile change-makers, coaches, leaders, teachers, facilitators and other agents of transformative change.

We want to learn more about holding remote Open Spaces too. We're curious what we'll learn from a Coaching Cocktails Open Space.

Our theme is : Abundance in Chaos.
Our Big Question is What happens now?”

You're invited to move freely about this Open Space Circle guided by your interests finding the questions and answers you care most about. This circle is our space to explore together.

An Open Space provides space to raise all your questions. It also provides space to consider all potential answers. We will create our agenda when you arrive.

What will emerge? We don't know. But we do know that whatever happens will be the only thing that could.

Considering abundance in this exact moment of apparent scarcity and chaos. What happens now?

Adding a 30 minute debrief: Holding Open Space Online

We'll add a 30 minute meta session after each planned 2-hour Open Space circle. As with all things open space it's optional and there if it gives value.

A lot of people seem interested, and curious about online open space right now. No surprise!

This meta session is a time to debrief and share observations and reflections about the “mechanics” of open space and what we observed from this remote open space experiment.

Our Circles

More information

We are holding 2 circles to comfortably welcome more people from around the world. In each circle:

  • Full virtual Opening Circle
  • Full virtual Closing Circle
  • Move freely through breakout sessions and conversations
  • Butterflies and Bumblebees

Chose a circle to join. Or join both.

Joining the Circle

An RSVP is not required — come as you are, and join the circle.

If you do RSVP, we'll send you a last minute reminder and make sure you receive all updates and changes.

We'll use Zoom with video for telepresence—for the best experience please consider joining us with a device in a connected location that supports Zoom and video.

You'll find our Zoom call details on the circle's detailed page.

We think the experience is more connected with video. Audio only connections and dial-in call from your phone network are also welcome if they're what is best for you.

We will use a few desktop tools to create a sense of physical presence.

You're welcome to use any device, but you may find a better social with the circle from a desktop or laptop if you have one available.

Be prepared to take care of yourself abundantly during the even—prepare  some refreshing beverages and snacks for yourself.

This is an experiment for us, please be ready to dance with us as we explore.

Call for Questions and Themes

For change-makers, coaches, leaders, teachers, facilitators and other agents of change, this open space asks: What happens now?

(Sunday, 29 March, 2020)

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Full Invitation: Abundance in Chaos

Please take a moment to read this full invitation.

You’re invited to a world-wide, large-scale, distributed Open Space Circle online

Happening: Sunday, 29 March, 2020

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6th August 2020

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photo ©2018 Josef Dabernig (@dasjo) Zürich Switzerland
ALE Open Space Unconference

Registrations are not longer available for this historical event.