Peer Coaching with Agile-Intervision

You’ll be surprised how much new awareness and creativity comes from your 45-minute Intervision session! You’ll leave inspired about how to approach your work next time. Read on and join our mailing list at the bottom to hear about upcoming Intervision opportunities.

Intervision is a professional reflection practice, inspired by the “Supervision” practice used in medical, social science, and coaching fields, to safeguards the quality of professional services offered to clients. In Supervision, the practitioner is reflects on a work experience with a more senior practitioner, and gets expert advice and feedback, based on a formal framework of professional standards and ethics.

Who’s an Agile expert? “It depends…” Agile is a set of values and principles, not standards and ethics. Our methods vary, and every organization holds a different constellation of factors to dance with. But we still want to offer quality service, and value feedback!

Within the Agile coaching community, some of us have instead adopted Intervision – in which a small group of peers offers keen listening and focused discussion to bring new perspectives and ideas to the practitioner presenting their case – with confidentiality, a facilitator and a clearly structured format to help participants offer valuable feedback without veering into opinion and advice. In Germany, local in-person groups meet monthly for Agile-Intervision sessions, and now there's an online version too.

Read more about it at There you’ll find the facilitation format for your use under a Creative Commons license, and a demo video, showing how the session is structured.


At CoachingCocktails we're experimenting with public, monthly Agile-Intervision calls. This gives you a chance to see how it works, and learn from your peers. And if you offer your case for feedback, you'll get some especially practical new perspectives for your work! The right people always show up – and we facilitate it for you, so you can focus on reflection.