Ayoba's African Penguin Awareness Party

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    Ayoba's African Penguin AMA
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  • Tuesday November 02 2021
    Wednesday November 03 2021
    Monday Mar 21 2022, 04:00pm CET
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This is free, but just using my template. I do have a box to discuss cost if there is one.

€18.00 (EUR) / $20.00 (USD)


We’re inviting everyone who was part of our Open Space Leadership training over the last 7+ years(!)—and we’re inviting some selected guests. Please tell us if you’d like to add someone to the guest list.

We’re inviting previous OSL cohorts so we can start from a shared experience and preparation with Open Space. Our additional guests are joining the next cohort, or we think they are from the greater OS community with a similar experience holding Open Space.


After the last few years(!) of “suddenly remote”, I know most of you are holding space, one way or another, online in 2022. Will you share your unique experience and insights.


Two Oceans Aquarium via Zoom

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