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photo of toadstools - a fairy circle

Agile Open Space Events Popping-Up Everywhere—Like Fairy Circles

6th August 2020

When the gobal pandemic hit people reached instinctively for Open Space Technology—because it’s a natural fit.

Remote Open Space is far easier than it looks and much harder than you ever imagined.

Zoom Mobility

23rd July 2020

I need Zoom Mobility—an imaginary feature so that people choose their Zoom break-out rooms and move freely between them. Mobility is vital to the life-changing magic of holding space.

I just requested if from Zoom.

Why Zoom?

13th June 2020

We’ve been using Zoom since 2015. Here’s why. We also find Zoom offers the ease, safety, and security we need—and we have practice procedures for reacting to harassment and other problems. (Which thankfully we’ve never had to use.)

18 Tips to Setup Your Remote Sessions

25th March 2020

Do you know these 18 quick tip we learned by creating holding our remote experiences at

People first. Then interactions, processes, and tools. In that order.

Remote Now

23rd March 2020

18 tips for trainers, facilitators, coaches, managers, and other leaders working remote and guiding the experience.

Finally, here’s our story of how we create high bandwidth, high interaction experiences online.

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