New Course: Connecting AWESOME Remote Teams We've completed the pilots. The full course is launching soon!

for team leaders, Facilitators & Guides

"Can you do that Online?"

Join a course for people who care about high interaction and strong connection in meetups and training especially after you move online.

Learn “remote-first” techniques that build and sustain strong connections.

Transfer your best facilitation and training moves from an actual room to Zoom® — without compromise

Smile, relax, and have a little fun using LEGO® Serious Play® Methods to learn how to supercharge online teamwork.


a workshop using LEGO Serious PlayConnecting AWESOME Remote Teams

Everything's changing fast. Just 3 weeks ago you were probably thinking, “Remote meetings can never replace working together in the same place.” But, now? You've learned a few things. Your work in your virtual team room or classroom is really ok.

But do you sometimes feel like something is missing? It's hard to have the full connection and engagement online that comes with working in the same actual room. There are just thing you can't do online.  Or are there?

This course asks, “Can You do that online?”
Anwers, "Yes, you can!"
And then we show you how.

All About Our Course


This is  2 hour 3 hour pilot workshop using LEGO Serious Play online. In this workshop you'll learn new facilitation techniques that sustain connection and engagement in online sessions. You'll also learn some valuable insights techniques for moving your next events and training from an actual room to Zoom (or your favourite distributed conferencing system).


This workshop is for Team Leaders, FacilitatorsCoaches, Trainers, Teachers, Line ManagersScrum Masters and others who serve as hosts, facilitators, or guides in remote sessions.


The next workshop is Thursday, 16 April. Check below for the times of day. The pilot course lasts 3 hours.

What happensIn this Course

  • Experience the power of metaphor and storytelling online.
  • Learn & practice effective “remote-first” techniques that build and strengthen connection and engagement.
  • Practice moves that raise the bandwidth and the interaction in your meetings & training.
  • Design your meeting & training with stakeholders (including participants) to create more connection and engagement.
  • Explore principles and theories from psychology and neuroscience to explain why it’s hard to fully connect and engage online. Use this to create new connection and engagement in your next meetings & trainings.

Pre-requisitesMaterials & Preparation

There's only one hard pre-requisite. You must have the necessary material on hand before the course. You must scavenge a LEGO “kit” together with about 50 pieces before the course begins.  I won’t kick you out for not doing your “homework”. That’s never my style. But, if you don’t build your kit, you just won’t be able to participate in any of the excercises. I'll send you some special guidelines for assembling your kit after you register. I'll also send you two other preparation ativities. You can plan to spend 30 minutes to 1 hour preparing.

Come blaze the remote trail with usJoin the Course Pilot

I'm looking for the last 6 remote trailblazers to help me launch this pilot workshop using LEGO Serious Play online. This course will take you beyond the basics and teach you how to tranfer your best meeting & training moves online. I'm letting you into the experience of transfering one of my best training moves online. This is tested and proven material that works. As a pilot trailblazer you’ll help me to build the course online.

The reduced pilot price is € 49.94.
Contact me for more information about pricing.

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We’ve completed our pilots and learned a lot with you. The full course Launch is coming soon..

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Connecting AWESOME Remote Teams