Problem-Solving Leadership Skills
Workshops in Prague, April 12-13, 2016

Join us in Prague for spring flowers and two exciting 1-day workshops for  influencers and innovators:

Basic Coaching Skills for Teams + their Partners
followed by a public grill party for local agilsts
Wednesday, April 13
450€ Regular ticket price
520€ after March 28

Open Space unConference Facilitation
limit of 6 participants
Tuesday, April 12

Got passion but not funds? Read the note on PRICING below


It doesn't take long to realise: the biggest challenge in leading self-organizing teams is that you cannot tell them what to do any more! But if this leaves you feeling discouraged, take heart: it opens the possibility for a more powerful and creative way to lead.

The shift to agile work often reminds us that the most challenging puzzles (and the biggest wins) center on people, not technology. When we shift to agile work, a different kind of leadership is possible: one that engages with, aligns and harnesses the intrinsic motivation of our talented teams.  For this reason, coaching and facilitation skills are growing in importance in workplaces where every day brings surprising new puzzles to solve, and innovation is critical for survival.

Not everyone needs to become a coach, but after these workshops you'll see endless opportunities to use coaching and facilitation skills to magnify collaboration and effectiveness. Come and practice some simple (but not easy!) skills that channel the wisdom of everyone involved toward aligned innovation and problem solving.

Getting a product to market is not an isolated activity, and agile teams often start to reframe their outside dependencies more as partnerships - because the most profitable solutions demand broader, more systemic conversations. Agile teams need to collaborate with outside parties as partners to succeed. But this shift is challenging, and cross-team challenges and cross-disciplinary conflicts may linger, costing everyone money, time and quality. This is where the new skills shine: rather than waiting to figure everything out, a leader who knows how to bring the right people together to solve complex challenges can help grow solutions more quickly - without knowing where the journey will lead at the start.

Research shows us that solving complex puzzles works best in diverse teams, so this workshop invites everyone who solves problems together with other people: from executives to software developers, from product-owners to customer service agents. (Please note one caveat: registrants in the Open Space workshop must have already experienced an Open Space event, unconference or BarCamp.)

These workshops are designed to build community with group activities, while also learning and practicing new skills with expert guidance from Canadian coach and trainer Deborah Hartmann Preuss.

You can read details of each workshop on the registration pages, and see what participants have said recently about Deborah's teaching.


Workshops are in English, and students may use other languages for exercises.
Pre-workshop e-workbooks are in English and German.


An invitation from your trainer: "It is important to me to reach a diverse audience. Therefore, I invite you to discuss your needs with me, if you are passionate about learning these skills, but you find the price out-of-reach. Let's find a way to make it work! Simply choose the Discount Request option at registration. And please join us for the grill party afterwards!"

Deborah Hartmann Preuss

deb_wedding2-150x150My passion is bringing joy back to work.

The best way to do this is to support those who are our front in their work of culture-shifting. I love coaching coaches and change-agents on the phone, to magnify their strengths and grow more impact and joy in their work. Read more about this on on my website,

I am also a creator of communities: at AgileCoachCamps worldwide, and more recently, here at

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and associate of the International Coach Federation. I rrained and coached agile software teams in North America and Europe from 2005 to 2012.

In the past 10 years I have hosted, attended and facilitated many Open Space events, in three languages, in Canada, the US, Germany, France, Poland and Switzerland. With Naresh Jain, I co-created the AgileCoachCamp viral conference format, which has run over 60 times worldwide since 2008.

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...and don't miss

AgileCoachCamp CZ

May 27-29, 2016

"An important opportunity grow a community of excellence"
-Deborah Preuss, co-instigator

These April workshops were inspired by conversations with Karel Smutný and Silvana Wasitova. Karel and Silvana are active agile community organizers and members of the organizing committee of AgileCoachCamp CZ, and they are your local hosts for the April events.