19th May 2021 by Steve Holyer

Build a Little Bird House

Recently, I was inspired to create an unWebiner about online engagement. I'm hosting this event on ways "signal" and "interaction" relate to invite (or dis-invite) engagement.
We'll explore some "containers" that we pour online meetups into. Once you name the containers you will be able to find practical ways to invite the engagement you need.
Just for fun, I also invite ya'll to think back to the early, early (way early) days of online engagement and the hey-day of the alternative rock band They Might Be Giants' Dial-A-Song.
What was Dial-A-Song? If you weren't around to remember, the band installed an old-school magnetic-tape answering machine, and attached it to an analog phone line in a Brooklyn, New York apartment. Every week TMBG's fans dialed that machine using a phone number they's found published in the Village Voice newspaper.
Each week callers heard a new TMBG's song, including the sublime (and silly) classic "Birdhouse in Your Soul".
Curious? Have a listen to the original bootleg recording of "Birdhouse" taped from Dial-A-Song ca. 1989.
Please enjoy the comments people have left on YouTube. They're informative, and you'll be surprised how they relate to creating online events in 2021! (If you've never dialled the song, you'll also be surprised by different lyrics.)

You're invited to join a conversation about holding "real" events online. Our first unWebinar is complete. We'll send you more information about ways to engage.  We'll invite you to the next unwebinar soon.

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