21st October 2014 by Deb and Steve


Hi, Steve and Deb here:
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You’ve probably arrived here via the #liftingoff hashtag. So, what’s it about?

It starts here: we hate to see teams struggle. Too many teams are using retrospectives to repair misunderstandings that effective team chartering could have averted. We also believe that many already-running projects and teams would benefit from this practice! Why aren’t more teams doing chartering?

So we invited Diana Larsen and Ainsley Nies, and an internationally diverse table-ful of colleagues who share a passion for doing this work, to come together for 3 days to find a way to promote Agile chartering.


#LiftingOff October 26-29, 2014
The Alsace, France
#LiftingOff October 26-29, 2014 The Alsace, France

Antti Kirjavainen (@anttiki)
Carlton Nettleton (@carlton858)
Deborah Hartmann Preuss (@deborahh)
Diana Larsen (@DianaOfPortland)
Ellen Grove (@eegrove)
Fabian Schiller (@fabianschiller)
Fabrice Aimett (@fabriceaimetti)
Ilja Preuß (@ipreuss)
Jerónimo Palacios (@giropa832)
Karen Schmidt (@karen_ks)
Nancy Van Schooenderwoert (@vanschoo)
Pete Roessler (@p_roessler)
Steve Holyer (@zurcherart)

Our (Deb and Steve’s) vision is:

To grow healthier work environments by using and promoting a proactive approach to initiating and chartering projects (such as the approach described in the book LiftOff by  Diana Larsen and Ainsley Nies).  We want to learn to be better LiftOff practitioners ourselves, and we want to help others learn.

We don’t know what happens next.
Stay tuned to the #liftingoff hashtag if you are curious.

Deb and Steve
October 21, 2014


See our LiftOff One-Pager and Reference.
(created with the #LiftingOff 14 team)