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Timezone: America/New_York
Date: 30 Jun 2021

Open Space Leadership Workshop — Join the Now Cohort

”Calling keen Leaders, Change Makers, and Facilitators working remotely or in the same room.”

Are you ready to learn and practice more engaging ways to create and hold space online and in the same room?

Do you want want to learn to facilitate or sponsor deeply effective Open Space Technology (OST) events to create a new impact in the world?

Are you ready to cultivate authentic leadership by embracing Open Space principles?

Are you curious about this?

Then you're invited to signup.

We forming a new cohort of 6 keen leaders, coaches, teachers, pastors and facilitators who are ready to practice and learn "the life-changing magic of Open Space" together in our deep dive into  Open Space facilitition.

When you signup you're expressing your intention to join our cohort-based Open Space Leadership training, but you're not committing yet—you're under no obligation.

Whoever comes is the right people.

More information — Read more about this course and our chohorts. 

After you signup, we'll invite you to a series of short meetups where you'll meet other people who intend to join your cohort.

Times have definitely changed since the the onset of the global corona-virus pandemic. With all the disruptions, the world of work and education has moved online. And we've noticed people's workshop needs have changed.

You're busy. Zoom-fatigue is a reality.

You need time to breathe.

Open Space Leadership is about space and breath. (It's also an antidote to Zoom-fatigue.) We will honor that space and take that breath while we form our new cohort.

After you signup below, we'll invite you to a series of short optional meetups where you'll meet other people who intend to join your cohort. You can find out about each other, you can find out more about the workshop, and we'll work together to begin answering your burning questions about holding space and open space (online or in the same room).

You pay nothing for theses meetups. They are free.

It starts when it starts. (And when it's over, it's over.)

When 6 keen leaders, coaches, teachers, pastors and facilitators find a good time and day to hold 4 workshop sessions together, we will launch your cohort together.

The first workshop session is a full 3 hour session with deep learning and connection. We will only ask you to to commit to the rest of the workshop after the first session. By this time you will know exactly what the workshop is about, you'll understand the commit (to self-study an showing up), and you'll know how it's valuable to you.

Whatever happens is the only thing that could.


The workshop will cost €684-. only after you commit as described above.

We'll send payment methods and options to everyone who joins the cohort after the first session (and we promise now "alter-call" hard sales tatics, that's just not who we are).

Early Bird Pricing

Early birds commit early and save €100. We'll send you information about the early bird options after you signup. (But remember you're only making your intentions known, unless you're confident you're ready to commit and receive the early bird discount.) Again you're under no obgligation to pay for the workshop until after the first full workshop session.

Other Currency Options

We offer options to pay in USD or CHF. We also offer special market pricing in South Africa, Kenya, India and other specialised markets. Contact us.

More information — Read more about this course and our chohorts. 

Questions? Need different options? Just contact us. We can’t let price be a barrier, and we’re flexible with times. We’ll find an option for you.

Please note: the time and day shown above are only one sample day and time. They are simply placed holders for the days and times we find together. (The software we use to publish this information isn't aware that it "starts when it starts" so we have to put in a placeholder date.)

photo (chairs and cicrcle) ©2018 Josef Dabernig (@dasjo) Zürich Switzerland
ALE Open Space Unconference

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