Eyeglasses and a refreshing orange juice resting on a table outdoors

Retrospective 2020 Cocktails (East)

Our 1st retrospective of 2020. We're looking back. And acting forward. You might say we're hoping for 20/20 vision.

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Getting Online

We use ZOOM  for our retrospectives. For the best experience please join with video enabled.



Our software gave us a booking form when we asked for RSVPs. Don't be fooled by the name. For us these Bookings are actually optional RSVPs. We'll update our software soon.

We appreciate your RSVPs. They help us plan. But you don't need an RSVP to join us. You're always welcome.

Choose a Cocktail Time

To welcome our friends from all over the world, we're holding the same restrospective twice.

EAST more comfortable time when celebrating with or east of us: Pacific, Asian, Middle Eastern, most European, and most African Timezones

WEST more comfortable  when celebrating with or west of us: Most European, North and South American, and some African Timezones