Office Hours


Steve's in the office—but not waiting on Zoom

Steve's in.

You can make an appointment for today if one's available.  If you have my Whatsapp try to send me a message. Or email me to ask for my Whatsapp number.

Office Hours Schedule

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Signup or make an appointment if you want to visit me during office hours.

30-Minute Visit

We usually announce office hours about two weeks in advance. Check back in a week, if you want to see more.

Office Hours

Remember office hours? In school the professors posted times when they would be in the office. Anyone could stop by, for any reason, during office hours.

Let's make office hours happen again. When we're in the office, just stop by. You can ask us anything. Or, we can spend some time co-working. Want to have a private conversation? We can "close the door".


Having trouble connecting or zooming in?

Email us about it. Or signup for the next appointment in the office hours schedule below. Describe your problem on the scheduler form, so we can try to figure it out before we connect.