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Open Space Leadership

Calling six keen leaders, coaches, faciltitators, teachers and other change-makers who are ready to spark change especially now in the middle of swirling choas and disruption. We're inviting you to join the next online cohort of our virtual Open Space Leadership training.

This is a workshop is for change-makers who are growing authentic leadership. As part of the cohort you’ll learn to organise and facilitate transformative Open Space simply and effectively.

We plan to kickoff in late-August.

for leaders, coaches, facilitators & other change-makers

"Can you do that Online?"

Join a course for people who care about high interaction and strong connection in meetups and training especially after you move online.

Learn “remote-first” techniques that build and sustain strong connections.

Transfer your best facilitation and training moves from an actual room to Zoom® — without compromise

Smile, relax, and have a little fun using LEGO® Serious Play® Methods to learn how to supercharge online teamwork.


We plan to kickoff in late-August.

“Open Space is much simpler than you think, and it’s much harder than you imagine.”

Are you  ready to discover the life-changing magic of Open Space?

Sign-up this week and you’ll join the next cohort about to begin practicing deeply transformative Open Space Leadership.

Famous Harold Custard

Have we sparked your curiosity or your passion? Are you eager to explore and learn more?


When you signup you're only committing to curiosity.

We'll only ask you to pay if you choose to opt-in for the rest of the worshop after the first full session.


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August Bonus

  • Special focus on Remote Open Space Facilitation (in addition to Open Space Facilitation in the same room).
  • 3 additional remote Open Space dojo sessions to practice remote open space facilitation (1.5 hours each) and solve the tricky problems that remote facilitation presents (participation optional).
  • Work with Steve Holyer and an event sponsor to plan and hold a remote Open Space for the community (target date: mid-September or October).

The Workshop Always Includes

  • 6+ hous of online group work with Steve or Deb
    (3 "weekly" interactive, remote, sessions).
  • Individual preparation work that includes: reading, listening, watching, drawing, card work, and more (you chose the activities that resonate with your mode of learning).
  • 4 or more personal reflections using our Open Space workbook.
  • 3 or more pair calls with your workshop partner
  • a 1-on-1 mentoring call before you hold your first open space


I've been in Open Spaces that Steve held. Don't be fooled by the ease with which he seems to hold the space - there is a serious craft behind the apparent simplicity, a kind of craft that in my opinion creates facilitation magic.

- Kirsten Clacey

Community Leader  / Agile Coach / Author
The Remote Facilitator's Pocket Guide
(South Africa)

I facilitated my first Open Space Event last week and it went really well. Several people said that they’ve been at other barcamps but this was different in a positive way… You opened a whole new world to me… I’m happy and confident.

- Dina Sierralta

Facilitator and Change Agent

This live virtual course is an opportunity for deep learning about Open Space Technology (OST). ... This course was wonderful preparation for both a 100-person 1-day open space and a 50-person 3-day open space I facilitated later.

- Mark Kilby

Agile Coach / Community Leader / Author
From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams: Collaborate to Deliver


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Our Story

We've found the life-changing magic of holding space. We relish it. We keep it at the center of the work we do.

We were chatting one day after a Coaching Cocktails meetup. At the same time, we both realised at the what we were doing with our virtual  coaching meetups. We were holding space. No more. No less.

It's what we do as leaders in our work.

We know that Open Space almost always "works". But in the last several years we've seen many Open Spaces that were just merely "working." We weren’t experiencing the powerful creativity and we didn't feel that spark of passion that comes from knowing that whoever came was the the right people.

We’ve Open Space treated like just an agenda-less meeting.

What were we missing?

You can read  our individual stories below.