Open Space Leadership


Workshop Course Overview

Welcome to the Open Space Leadership Workshop. We made this workshop for you. You are the organisers and facilitators who create Open Space events.

And you. You are couragious, open leaders who will bring open space principles into business and community.


Holding space matters. We invite you to hold space that makes a difference.

We'll focus on "holding space" as a key facilitator practice for planning and holding events (and not just events powered by Open Space).


This workshop is multi-modal. It includes:

  • 3 group workshop sessions (6+ workshop hours as a group)
  • an e-workbook to guide your learning created by Deborah Hartmann Pruess
  • personal reflection and reading (sometimes called "homework")
  • work in pairs on private calls with your workshop partner
  • a 1-on-1 mentoring or AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session—you can "pull" your 1-on-1 when you're preparing to hold space next time after this workshop

The 3 workshop sessions are live events using Zoom conferencing. Calls are fully interactive and varied to keep engagement high. (There is no talking head "webinar" in this workshop.)


This workshop schedule is different (compared to most workshops I've seen). We ask you to help us schedule the first session. It seems to always work out. We always find a time and day that works for everyone in the cohort.

The first session is a kickoff or liftoff session. During the session, we'll decide the remaining workshop dates together.


Continue reading: Open Space Leadership Workshop Plan

updated 20th December 2019 by Steve Holyer