Come and Meet the Penguins
Ayoba's African Penguin Awareness Afterparty

October 13, 2022
at Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town South Africa
live on Zoom from all over the world

You always know Ayoba, because he always wears his jaunty bowtie.

Ayoba always wears his jaunty bowtie.

Meet Ayoba and the Waddle

Ayoba wants to make new friends and see his old friends again. Ayoba is an African black-footed penguin and an ambassador for African penguins everywhere, especially the wild birds living in South Africa and Namibia. We're inviting you to join us on Zoom from all over the world. Meet Ayoba and his friends for a fully interactive African Penguin Awareness Meetup. We'll explore the impact of agility and adaptive action on wild African penguin life. Then, Shanet will take you right onto Ayoba's beach to meet the waddle up close and personal where they live. Ask us anything.

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  • Thursday Oct 13 2022, 06:00pm CEST

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We're holding two meetups on the same day so Ayoba can meet his friends from everywhere around the world.

Earlier (East of Ayoba in South Africa)

The earlier meetup is comfortable for people in Europe, and Africa and places to the east like India, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. We will also deliver the penguins' daily midday order of pilchard sardines – including the specially prepared vita-fishies – during the earlier meetup.

Later (West of Ayoba in South Africa)

Our later meetup is comfortable for people in India, Europe and Africa and places to the west like Brazil, the USA, and Canada.

Check our start times displayed in your local timezone when you rsvp above.

Age Group

We are not preparing a children's program for this event. This meetup is for the grown-folk. But we know the kids will enjoy meeting Ayoba and the waddle too. We ask that a parent stay online with children under the age 12. We will be speaking honestly about mortality and extinction. Sometimes even we need the support of a trusted adult friend to help us make sense of this.


Did you know?

A waddle of penguins is a group of penguins.
"Waddle" is a collective noun in the English language for a group of penguins on land, but "raft" is the collective noun for the same penguins in water or at sea.

"I went to Stoney Point and saw a waddle of African penguins building their nests."

"Later, I saw a raft of African penguins foraging for pilchard in the bay."