Personal Values - Tues., July 19th 

Choose Joy!

Knowing what you love brings ease to decision making

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  • Tuesday Jul 19 2022, 10:00am EDT

A Personal Values Exercise with Heart

When your values are clear and vibrant, decisions become easier. You understand what's bugging you faster. You feel what's authentic for you, and what does not fit. You start to make mindful tradeoffs, and feel less like a victim of outside forces.

You'll find a detailed description of this event here.

Before you arrive:

Be ready to participate!

  • ANALOG: print and cut out the values in the pdf worksheet- or -
  • DIGITAL: make your own copy of the google drawing worksheet, to work on your computer (tablets may make the exercise hard to do).
  • Call in from a quiet and private location
  • Join using video, for the full experience.
  • Bring something nice to drink - tea or water or wine - because we'll be toasting!

Cost: Free in July

This may soon become a formal workshop, but for now, I really value your input to make it a great one.

We don't want to miss you.

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