Quarantini Retrospectives

It's been five days now since—just like that—you  joined a distributed team. That's a fun work week. Or a full work week, auto-correct. Now would be a great time to stop and reflect. You can get ready to work jsut a little better with your distributed team again next week.

Making Sense Out of This

To help you make sense of it—and to help you to serve your teams,  companies and clients next week —we're holding an unexpected "pop-up" 1st week agile retrospective for remote leaders, coaches and facilitators like you.

Upcoming Meetups

— Quarantini Retrospectives —

We're holding this retrospective twice, to welcome our friends from all over the word.

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What? So What? Now What?

We'll work together to gather data. The, we'll generate new insights about your work. You'll leave with new actions to try next week on your—unexpectedly—remote mission.

Some Practical Tips on Remote Facilitation 

Many Coaching Cocktails retrospectives are very personal and very introspective. We love that.

Ww all share a common experience this week, though. We all became instant remote workers in a time of crisis. We just did it in different places. But we all did it online.

That means you have similar questions. And answers. We'll work together to create practical insights and actions about distributed working in the time of quarantine!

Why Coaching Cocktails?

We're expert remote facilitators and coaches.

We've been making remote personal retrospective cocktails for years. They're free distributed meetups. A gift we give our community.

Pouring Quarantini's and Raising Glasses

Around the world, people experienced a week of unexpected remote work with more to come—from Twitter, MIcrosoft and Google to our favourite small business owners. We realised suddenly: It's right on-time for a retrospective. And a refreshing drink.

So with that, the Quarantini Retrospective Cocktail was poured!

A surprise retrospective for a surprising time. Won't you join us?

CoachingCocktails never have to be alcoholic, but they must always be refreshing.Steve and Deb

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