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shutterstock_158499944-five-cocktails-compressedLife-long learners know: if you don't plan in time to learn, it'll slip away!

Join us quarterly to look back, and move forward with renewed energy!

To increase availability we now offer multiple sessions to accomodate your time zone.

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Join Steve Holyer with Deb Preuss for our:


New Year

Personal Retrospective 

Join a small group of coaches and agilists from around the world for a friendly, facilitated, and relaxed retrospective. You will look back, privately, on the past period, in order to capture what helps you be your best, as you move into the new year.

We will hold 2 identical retrospectives to help you to find a time that suits you. 


Thursday, Jan 24 @ Noon EST (New York)
That's 18:00 CET (Paris and Berlin)
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- or -

Saturday, Jan 26 @ 10:00 EST (New York)
That's 16:00 CET (Paris and Berlin)
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Each Retrospective will last 2 hours.

Just in time for year end, join this personal retrospective to reflect on your the spaces you make and hold.  

You will be using the Retrospecitve Framework (Derby and Larsen) as we walk with you move through he retrospective. We are reflecting on the  the spaces we make and hold, and we are exploring the power of invitation.

Some questions that you will ask yourself as we walk around the retrospective.:  

  • How do you make space in your life? 
  • What do you hold space for?
  • Who do you want to invite into your space? 
  • Why are you holding those spaces? 

As we reach the end of the retrospective we'll invite you to make space for one or two experiments or actions (that you create for yourelf). We'll ask;

Now what do you want to do about it?" This is what you will take away from the retrospective.

At Coaching Cocktails, we pause with you 4 times a year - usually at the change of every season - to reflect with a live, personal online retrospective

You will get the most out of the experience if you join with video, and can fully concentrate and interact in the call for the full 2 hours.


About these retrospectives:

Retrospective Cocktails, facilitated by coaches Deborah Hartmann Preuss and Steve Holyer, are relaxed two-hour online meetups specifically structured to produce both reflection and actions. We started this to help you fit personal reflection into your schedule. Our meetups are typically small, rich, and really helpful. Last summer, one of our participants completed a book, as a result of setting goals in a retrospective!

We've noticed that coaches, leaders and change agents who don’t have easy access to a local community of practice especially enjoy doing this work together with us. But everyone involved in shifting work culture is welcome... whether software developer, product owner, manager, executive or consultant!

This is for you, if you want to:

  • turn your reflection into action,
  • set yourself up for more satisfying choices,
  • plan your next professional or personal step,
  • experiment with this new type of online personal retrospective, and
  • enjoy the energy of Coaching Cocktails.

Join us to look back for learning, with a relaxed group of colleagues. We'll guide you in a personal a reflection asking: "How would you like to adjust your choices, to be ever more joyful and effective in the months to come?"

What  data can you gather from the last month(s)?

So what  patterns, hypotheseses emerge as you review it?

Now what  actions do you want to test next?

We use Esther and Diana’s Agile Retrospectives framework to design a session that is engaging and interactive. You will do your own private reflection, and also engage and interact with the group in small breakouts and larger debriefs. Some of it may be private, and that's ok: what you share is up to you. Just know it will be fun and encouraging.

We'll close the session by looking at your own methods for doing personal retrospectives.

We look forward to helping you shine!

Your Cocktails hosts,
Steve and Deb

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