Taboo Cocktails

Taboo, No DiscussionChanging social customs and standards also create new taboos ... practices and concepts considered SO incompatible with the new order that no true leader would seriously consider them.

One wonders, though, in the quieter moments: are we sweeping important objections under the carpet in our zeal?

We're not afraid to dig into topics that may be awkward to raise at work. We've seen that taboos damage morale and slow down improvement efforts, and we invite you to come and chat about them, as a first step toward a more open workplace.

For example: In pursuit of self-organisation we fail to openly address corporate governance. We cross our fingers and hope our "emergent software architecture" still conforms to strict legal regulations  We deride "talking head meetings" - but isn't there a right time for such presentations in a collaborative workplace?

Other topics we're considering include: "lazy" team members! "Are managers dispensible?"And: fully distributed teams, where everyone works in a different location!

What "new work" sacred cows do you secretly question? We're working on our program, and your suggestions are welcome!

We're planning more Taboo Cocktails right now!

Tell us: What's your Taboo?

Our first Taboo Cocktail was so enjoyable, we're planning some more... so do tell us what you'd like to talk about... and join our Newsletter to hear what comes next.

Here's what you missed:

Taboo Cocktail: Impostor Syndrome
Mon, 15 February

photo: Lyssa AdkinsSpecial Guest:
Lyssa Adkins
co-founder of the Agile Coaching Institute

"What if we didn't have to keep ignoring or overcoming the imposter feeling? What if we could use it for good by including it in a useful way? Let's explore that idea together."