Save the Date: Personal Retrospective (East)
Monday, August 30, 2021
10:00 am- CEST
Europe/ Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Zurich
XX:XX aa - XX:XX aa EDT
N America/ New York City, Toronto

This is a tentative date and time for planning.
We’ll confirm the date and time in the next days.

Join Deb & Steve for a personal Agile Retrospectives.

Be part of a meaningful distributed, remote retrospective for change-makers. Take a moment to breathe, pause and reflect.

We are scheduling the August retrospective and will be adding a theme soon.

To welcome our friends from all over the world, we're holding the same restrospective twice.

EAST more comfortable time when celebrating with us or east of us: PacificAsianMiddle Eastern, most European, and most African Timezones

WEST more comfortable when celebrating with us or west of us: Most EuropeanNorth and South American, and some African Timezones

We don't want to miss you. Please add an entry in your calender.
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