Tribal Cocktails

Cross-functional teams are great - but they spread our experts out thinly across the teams.  We end up craving the support of others in our own field of expertise. Are you ready to talk turkey with the people who really understand what you do!

What's your Tribe?

The list of possible tribes is a long one: Technical Leads, Product Owners, Conference Presenters and Testers come to our mind immediately. What inspiring tribes do you belong to, that you don't meet with often enough?

Who would you love to talk shop with over drinks? Let us know, below, and together let's see how we can make it happen!

Agile Cocktails

Do you care about the quality of the Agile movement, and the outcomes it produces? 

This cocktail supports the influencers: Product Owners, managers, Scrum Masters, testers, designers, undercover guerilla change agents ... everyone who cares about developing great teams and great products.

Kickoff:  Thu, Sept. 15, 2016
With Special Guest: Joshua Kerievsky

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Co-Active Coaching Cocktails

This free, private meetup warmly welcomes everyone familiar with the Co-Active toolset.

Join us if you've completed one live workshop in the Co-Active Core Curriculum, or in the Agile Coaching Institute's "Coaching Stance" or "Cohort" series.

Monthly: usually the  3rd Wednesday,
New York noon | Berlin 18:00 | UTC 16:00

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Come to share your experiences, insights and questions... and to build a network of passionate peers who share your values and concerns.

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Remote Facilitators

When our meetings have remote members, we puzzle over ways to bring warmth, trust, engagement, flow and effectiveness to online meetings. Let's learn together!

This Cocktail is still in the planning stage - to be announced in our Newsletter, so please sign up!

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