Coactive Coaching – DISCUSSION

wordleWe coaches see the world in a way that makes us both "different" and "valuable" in the workplace.

To keep our difference alive and well I've offered these Cocktails, with engaged, reflective peer dialogue. But so far they only stratch the surface: many of you are interested, but few make the calls (and I sympathise!) There is so much we want to discuss, and too little time.

What would be even better?

Note: our conversations continue to includ both "pure" coaching and "applied" coaching, where it's combined with other activities.

INVITATION: let's brainstorm this together!

My Assumption:

Looking at your world with a coach's eyes, you wonder if your skills could bring more transformation, meaning and joy to yourself and others, and you'd like input, encouragement or help.
(If you came to Cocktails for something else, I'd love to hear that too!)

Your Reflection:

As a growing, practicing coach,
where do you crave partnership, support, information, fellowship?

A Question:

How could this community help make your work life Great?

(Forget the Cocktails format. Even forget distance, timezones and "realism" in general... I want to hear your dreams. Would you like a partner at your workplace? Skills practice? An accountability partner? Office hours? A weekend retreat? A podcast? Someone to proof-read your plans? A buddy on call? What's working well for you in other communities?)

Add your comment in the thread below.
Please begin by introducing yourself briefly...

About our call next week…

Our next Cocktail is next Wednesday, on November 23rd. I've planned a Coaching Dojo and LeanCoffee ... but we can decide on that day how we want spend our time. I will send out call details in the coming days.

Add it to your calendar to keep the time free.

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