Agile Cocktails

Do you care about the quality of the Agile movement, and the outcomes it produces? If your work includes making products and teams better, then this meetup is for you.

This cocktail supports the influencers: Product Owners, managers, Scrum Masters, testers, designers, undercover guerilla change agents ... everyone who cares about developing great teams and great products. 

Bring your tips, your stories, your puzzles and  join a community dialog on doing Agile like we mean it!

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Coming Soon


Coming Soon!

Wed, July 11 @ Noon EDT
That's 18:00 in Berlin.
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calls last 100 minutes!


Hi There !! Our July Cocktail Guest and other Details will be announced on June 27.

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Our last cocktail in May ...


with Mary Lynn Manns
co-author of Fearless Change & More Fearless Change

Wed, June 13 @ Noon EDT
That's 18:00 in Berlin.
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calls last 100 minutes!


"Why don't they get it yet?"

Persuasion beyond the facts

Do you try to persuade people with your amazing ability to communicate the facts? How's that working for you?

Mary Lynn will share how paying attention to influence patterns can help us break out of old habits. Then we'll shift into our usual Lean Coffee mode, to discuss persuasion or whatever else is on your mind. Bring a drink, and your curiosity!

Here's something to ponder, until then...

Notice how you try persuade people.
Come prepared to name the one technique you use most often.

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About this Community


We'll start with a 15-minute talk or activity by one of our Agile colleagues, then move into discussion of your own topics - be they puzzles, success stories, or questions - and work our way through them until we run out of time! It's a great way to build strong professional connections around the globe.

Your CoachingCocktails hosts are: Deborah Preuss, CPCC and Steve Holyer, Agile Coach


About Coaching Cocktails

Coaching Cocktails are intimate online meetups that encourage community among change-agents, focused on the important work of making our workplaces more meaningful and joyful.

Our formats are powered by "whoever comes is the right people." In our Cocktails calls we start with a short talk or activity followed by relaxed discussion of participants' own related themes in a LeanCoffee™-inspired format. Our longer Workshops and MasterMind groups use the same "back of the room" style of facilitation to connect people and ideas, developing new skills and creating new relationships and possibilities.

Deborah Hartmann Preuss, Steve Holyer and John McFadyen have been holding space for this relaxed gathering of peers since 2013, drawing energized colleagues from New Zealand to New Mexico.

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