Why Zoom?


13th June 2020 by Steve Holyer

Why Zoom?

We've been using Zoom since 2015. We chose Zoom because we find it's easy to install, configure and use.  It's lightweight, and we find it works well with almost all configurations. We also find Zoom offers the security we need.

We’re holding a space that’s inviting. We don’t want you to struggle to get into the room.

We also understand not everyone has the same expereinces when it comes to ease of use and safety. If you have concerns about your experience the comments are open below.

Our guests have many different needs and software / hardware configurations. As your hosts, we strive to understand Zoom technology and the myriad Zoom software settings so that we make our Zoom space easy and safe for you.

Whether we’re coaching. facilitating. or training holding space includes caring for the "setting". We work in a pair which allows is to make the technology easy and non-intrusive for you! One of us always has an eye on the tech.

We gamed out possible breakdown scenarios and found the Zoom settings to keep our sessions safe. We've maintained safe settings sine the start. We also review the settings regularly to make sure we’re still safe..

We even predicted the possibility of Zoom bombing before we asked people to join us on our first Zoom session five years go. We’ve created procedures to respond to online harassment and attack including Zoom bombing. We’ve even practiced using them.  Luckily we haven’t needed to use them during an actual session. In fact, we probably need to practice them again just to be sure we’re still fluent in them.

You’re invited to join us on zoom.


Upcoming Cocktails

- meetups and other events -

Please help us create Coaching Cocktails events for you.

At this point in mid-2020, we're noticing ... something.

Remote meet-ups have exploded. (D’uh!) And, we’re loving it. So many of you are pushing our community's ideas of what's possible forward. And we’re excited by the future.

We’ve also noticed far fewer signups for our meetups this June, July, and August.


  • We think it’s timing.
  • Or, is it Zoom fatigue?
  • Is it that you have so many new options to choose from!
    German speakers say der Qual der Wahl, the Brits say Spoilt for choice.
  • Or, is it something else?

We’ll be scheduling more events in the next days. In the meantime, please tell us what you want from a meetup / cocktail. We want to keep our meetups joyful. They're cocktails parties! Not chores.

So please help us create Coaching Cocktails events for you. Be spicy and tell us what you want, what you really really, really want.

We’ve opened comments on this site.  What do you think about Zoom.  What’s your expereince with Zoom like? Do you have concerns about safety or accesssibility in the virtual space? How would you like to see us hold virtual spae for you and this community?  (Comments are moderated. In most cases they will not appear before moderation.)

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