Wisdom, Presence and Agile Coaching

From our Agile Cocktail with coach and author Jean Richardson, on Wednesday, November 22, 2017.
A CoachingCocktail video excerpt.

"Presence, Wisdom, Wholeness ... what do these look like from an Agile coaching perspective?"

As Agilists, we choose to embrace a paradigm shift - still, we are mostly products of an earlier phase of consciousness, and are all subject daily to the influence of that consciousness.  We are in need of transformation and support ourselves.

This video is the "guest" portion of November's Agile Cocktail, in which Jean spoke to participants. We've removed the discussion and  Lean Coffee™ portions, where participants interacted with Jean and each other.

Expect a different view, which may overlap or enhance yours, of what it means to be an Agile Coach in a world where Agile is failing, succeeding, and emerging every day.


Jean Richardson @JeanAtAzureGate is a consultant and coach with 30 years' experience, most recently coaching individuals and teams in agile aspiring organizations. In September, she published The Preservation of the Agile Heart:  From Mindset to Consciousness, a book of prose and poetry. 

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