Text: Engagage Results in Remote Events (graphic: matrix relateing "engagement" on the y-axis and signal on the x-axis)

Are Online ‘Best Practices’ Reducing the Impact of Your Event? 

Steve Holyer

Open Space Leadership
Strategic Business Agility Coach
Founder Coaching Cocktails


Why are so many online meetings & events kinda ... m'eh?

Most of what you learned about holding online events is just plain wrong. At least what you've learned won't create the kind of impact you want to have. Find out what most of the experts couldn't tell you last year about remote meetings and events.

Steve built the WOW-Matrix, for holding space With Out Walls, to make sense of his experiences online since 2013.

In this meetup you will:

  • Use the WOW-Matrix to make sense of your remote events and experiences.
  • Understand how new principles for meeting online can create new impact for your event.
  • Explore strategies for inviting engagement in online meetings based on the impact you want to create.

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“Love your work, Steve. The more I engage, the more I discover the value you have to offer to this world. So looking forward to the fun and learning.”

Deepti Jain, Community Development Chief India, Agile Alliance